Aliexpress standard shipping tracking-Worth it?


Aliexpress standard shipping tracking - Worth it?

There are more and more drop shippers using aliexpress to do their drop shipping business. Because of the cheap price post on. Since some of the drop shippers choose the Aliexpress standard shipping to ship the package to their end-user customers, the aliexpress standard shipping takes a long time about 25-40 days to arrive at the customer's place. Many customers use the aliexpress tracking number to track the goods, can't see the details during the way.

That occurs and is afraid of the drop shippers, is aliexpress legit? is aliexpress safe or is aliexpress legit or not? They are not sure since the package takes a long time to arrive.

Aliexpress shipping time takes a long time will waster customer's patience. 

Some drop shippers would consider this reason before select the products. If it's an urgent and essential product, they will change to another dropshipping supplier with a new fast shipping method. If it's not a necessary product, but people all love it, it's glad for them to wait a few days. Drop shippers can use aliexpress promo codes to buy or use the aliexpress wholesale price. 

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